The Importance of Outdoor Play: 80 fun things to do outdoors

With such a technology driven culture today, children are spending less and less time outdoors. I for one think this is a problem. Is it because they are bored? Is it because technology today is more appealing? Hearing the words “go outside and play” shouldn’t be a phrase children dread. Besides the numerous health benefits, there are so many different things to do outside that it should be thought of as being the importance of playfun, not boring. Curious on just how many things I could think of, I compiled a list of ideas I remembered doing as a child outdoors and ideas from other peers. Here is my list of 80 Activities to do with your kids outdoors, have fun!

  1. for a bike ride
  2. Have a picnic
  3. Rake leaves & then jump in the pile!
  4. Plant a garden (flowers/food)
  5. Roll down a hill
  6. Go on a nature walk
  7. Build a treehouse
  8. Jump rope
  9. Play soccer
  10. Go swimming
  11. Run through a sprinkler
  12. Kick a ball around
  13. Climb a tree
  14. Paint or draw outside
  15. Play baseball
  16. Look at bugs
  17. Make a lemonade stand
  18. Fly a kite
  19. Play basketball
  20. Toss around a football
  21. Chase your child
  22. Play tag/freeze tag
  23. Sidewalk chalk
  24. Look for shapes in the clouds
  25. Play hide and seek
  26. Pick up garbage around your community
  27. Go for a walk
  28. Visit a community park/playground
  29. Blow bubbles
  30. Play catch with a ball
  31. Play in a sandbox
  32. Look at the moon/stars/night sky
  33. Go camping
  34. Make snow angels
  35. Have a snowball fight
  36. Try to identify bird calls
  37. Dig in the dirt for worms
  38. Watch ants
  39. Play hopscotch
  40. Make a birdfeeder
  41. Ice-skate
  42. Make leaf prints
  43. Build a sand castle
  44. Try to catch snow on your tongue
  45. Play with/walk a pet
  46. Build paper airplanes
  47. Play spray bottle water tag
  48. Have a nerf gun battle
  49. Do a scavenger hunt
  50. Go geocaching
  51. Paint pinecones
  52. Play hopscotch
  53. Make a balance beam
  54. Make an obstacle course
  55. Collect rocks
  56. Play “I Spy”
  57. Skip rocks
  58. Visit a zoo
  59. Bean bag toss
  60. Read books outdoors
  61. Visit a nearby beach
  62. Go to an apple orchard
  63. Visit a farm
  64. Make a snowman
  65. Go skiing
  66. Smell the flowers
  67. Chase and catch butterflies
  68. Go sledding
  69. Build a fort
  70. Feed ducks
  71. Balloon tennis (fly swatter & balloon)
  72. Go fishing
  73. Splash in puddles
  74. Look for animal tracks
  75. Go bird watching
  76. Listen to sounds and find what makes them (crickets, frogs, birds, etc.)
  77. Have a campfire
  78. Make a nature collage
  79. Visit a public baseball field
  80. Wash the car

Have any other ideas not on my list? I would love to hear them!



7 thoughts on “The Importance of Outdoor Play: 80 fun things to do outdoors

  1. Any chance I could reblog this? I’m doing a series called Seventies Summer and this is a perfect list for a lot of the activities my kiddo and I are doing this summer. 🙂


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