Painting with Wet Glue

Looking for a fun easy craft to do? You need the following household items:

  • Toothpicks (optional)blog
  • Different colors of paint (can also be used with food coloring)
  • Aluminum foil pan or recycled lids  (I used a pie pan)
  • Glue


First pour the glue into the container you will be using, I used a pie pan for this step. Next add in some paint. (Without the blue paint it kind of reminds me of Green Eggs and Ham!)


Finally, give your child some toothpicks or they can use their fingers to swirl the paint into the glue and make cool patterns swirling the colors around. When the glue dries, it could even be hung up outside to make a cool sun catcher! The best part of this colorful activity is that it allows your child to grow his/her fine motor skills in their hands!


Thanks for following along! Did you try this activity? How did it go? Post a picture to the comments, I would love to see!



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