DIY Colorful Fuzzy Shoes

I made these shoes with Independence Day in mind, but these shoes will work with whatever colors and fabrics you choose to make them with. Thanks for taking some time to visit my crafty blog, I hope you enjoy this activity!

fuzzy shoes

What you need:

  • Pair of flip flops
  • Different colors of fabric (I have used fleece in the past which works but tends to make your feet pretty warm! This time I used some flannel I found and re-purposed an old t-shirt.)
  • ScissorsIMG_0543

Next, depending on the age of your child doing this craft, have them or you assist in them cutting out long strips of the fabric. This will be kind of trial and error depending on what fabric you use and how long you want them to look on the shoes, but here is an image of about how long I cut them out to be. The t-shirt material was stretchy, so I made those pieces a little bit shorter then the flannel.


Then comes the fun, but time consuming part! Depending on the age of your child again, assistance may be needed. This is a great project for developing those  fine motor skills as well as pattern recognition! Have your child tie knots around the plastic piece of the flip flop. I have usually done double knots, but who knows you might be fine just tying them in one knot! Then decide on your pattern and continue making the knots until you are finished!

Being the Fourth of July is coming up this week, I used the colors red, white, and blue to make these for my sister. They might feel a little tight the first couple times you wear them after making them, but as you break them in, they will stretch out. I hope you enjoy making some of these fuzzy shoes!

If you tried this activity, I would love to hear about how it went!




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